• York of the Rock & Rock collection have was chosen for the flooring
• This project has received The Australian Shop & Office Award

Miami, November 2010

Roca has collaborated with Hugo Boss in the design of his new fashion store in Sydney. Roca has been in charge of providing the flooring for the new store located at 454 Oxford Street in the district of Paddington-Sydney, Australia. The York series, of the Rock & Rock Collection, was the double-pressed porcelain chosen for this occasion, for its beauty, movement and naturalness.

York, and the entire Rock & Rock Collection, is the best of both worlds. It has the natural beauty of stone with the advantages of porcelain such as resistance, durability and easy maintenance. All these features make York an ideal product for commercial surfaces.
This project, designed by Hugo Boss and directed by Sidgreaves Group, has achieved “The Australian Shop & Office Award¨.

Both companies have earned international recognition and are world leaders in their sectors. They excel in their vanguard designs, the sophistication of their products, and share the interest of their customers for the latest trends.