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Products designed with respect for the environment

At Roca Tile Group, we are fully conscious of the importance of preserving the environment and our future. We are actively developing innovative practices designed to obtain optimum environmental management initiatives.

As proof of our efforts, our facilities have been awarded some of the top certifications in the environmental sector.

These certifications support our management directives that environmental achievements go beyond what is required by legislation, including strict programs of continuous improvement that are audited periodically.

With respect to the environment, we introduce the new concept GREENTILES. With GREENTILES, Roca Tile Group communicates to the company and to our customers, our commitment to the environment will continue to be present in all the phases of our processes, from design to production, distribution and life-cycle of the product.

Electing GREENTILES, is to elect the best design and quality ceramics, with total guarantee of preserving nature and protecting the environment.


U.S Green Building Council

Environmental Certificates:


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